Mixed media
Kinderträume·Acrylic and collage on canvas
100x80 cm

Portrait of Liliy·Acrylic/canvas·100x80cm

In giro·Acrylic/collage on canvas·92x72x4 cm

Shop window boutique in NYC·Watercolour/Collage/Tissue paper

The dance of poppies·Acrylic on canvas· approx 92x73cm

Chillout in Campanet de Mallorca·A typical scene in hot summernights
Acrylic on canvas·92x65cm

Wanderlust·Acrylic on canvas·approx 92x60cm

In the studio · 39 x 48 cm · Acrylic/collage/watercolour on paper


Bride and bridegroom · Advert in local newspaper:"Change bridal dress for gun"
Acrylic · Paper · Dried flowers on old photograph
58 x 43 cm (sold)

Almond harvest in Spain · Acrylic·net fabric·moulding paste
on canvas · 90 x 90 cm (sold)

Gossip on a swing·Acrylic on canvas·100 x 80 cm (sold) 


Wedding in Selva de Mallorca



 The dance  ·  El baile  ·  68 x 48 cm (sold)

Fiesta de St Antoni, Sa Pobla, Mallorca (sold)
Acrylics and mixed media 

In the studio·Italy
Watercolour/Acrylic/Collage· 37x37cm 

The red gown  ·  Mixed media on canvas  ·  100 x 80 cm 

 Primadonna · Encaustic on canvas · 30 x 30 cm

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