cities, views, landscapes

Underwater life at Lago Maggiore
Acrylic on canvas·100x70cm

Isola di pescatore·Lago Maggiore
Watercolour on canvas approx. 92x73cm


Paris light

Summer night on the main square in Selva de Mallorca
92x73 cm, Acrylic on canvas

Top hats and tales · Mixed media ·70 x 56 cm


The artist´s house·Mixed media on canvas·92 x 73 cm
New York City · Reflection
Acrylic on canvass 100 x 80 cm (SOLD)


Venice blues·Acrylic on canvas 100x70cm

Selva City·Watercolour·34x34cm (SOLD)

Vista di San Gimignano·Acrylic/canvas 100x73

Oasis · Acrylic on canvas · 116 x 89 cm (SOLD)

In the cottonfields·Acrylic on canvas·116 x 90 cm (SOLD)

 Busy under Baobab tress·Mixed media on canvas·116 x 89 cm 

Solitary encounter · Loner meets big fish (SOLD)
Acrylic on canvas · 81 x 65 cm

Almond harvest in Spain · 80 x 80 cm
Mixed media on canvas (SOLD)

Castilli Gannero · Lago Maggiore
Watercolour · 23 x 30 cm (SOLD)

Pine tree · Selva · Majorca · Acrylic on canvas · 100 x 81 cm (SOLD)

Campo de amapolas·Selva·Mallorca
Acrílico·Lienzo· 100 x 81 cm (SOLD)

Almendros en flor·Acrílico·Lienzo·100 x 81 cm (SOLD)
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